Day of Prayer for the Sick at CDM, Penang

They were told to come even if they were bedridden or in wheel chairs. And so they did, one bedridden parishioner, four in wheel chairs and some others on strollers made up a total of 38 seriously sick parishioners came. Provisions were made to pick them up and send them home after the 10 am mass on the 30th August, 2014 (Saturday).

prayer-sick-day1They ranged from 10 years to over 90 years and at the end of mass, each were given a framed picture of the Divine Mercy to help them continue their devotion and keep faith in God’s mercy and compassion. This brought tears to some and much relief to others knowing that the over 200 parishioners had come for mass to pray for them in this challenging time of their lives.

In his homily, Fr. Martin Arlando related the story of Samuel Logan Brengle, an eventual Commissioner of the Salvation Army. As an upcoming accomplished pastor of the Methodist Church, he went to meet with the founder of the Salvation Army, William Booth to ask how he could better serve in the poor of this ministry. He was told to report to the Salvation Army Training Barracks in London where he was given the task to blacken and shine the boots of fellow cadets. At first he felt that his talents were not fully appreciated but then he had the vision of Jesus washing the feet of the apostles. prayer-sick-day2

Fr Martin remindered the congregation that we need to use our talents to help others in humility for the glory of God and for not ourselves. He asked those present not to deny their talents but use it fruitfully to avoid any regret later on for not having helped. Even if we are not able to physically do anything, we can always help by praying for the sick within our community. It was important for those in need to know that they are not alone and that there are others praying for their recovery and well being. In return the sick were also asked to pray for the people of the parish and offer all their suffering as a petition for the well being of others. This would be a most powerful offering of love for their neighbour that God would not refuse. 

At mass, each seriously sick person was anointed by Fr. Martin and given a souvenir of the framed picture of the Divine Mercy. Fr. also invited them all back for Sunday masses. At the end of mass all were invited for fellowship in St Faustina hall. At the fellowship there were testimonies by some who felt the presence of healing. One such testimony is posted in the church website at


Written by
Dr. Ivan Filmer
8th September, 2014.

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