November & Advent Retreats

NITA NG – Retreat & Spiritual Guide at Penang Diocese’s new St. Joachim Spirituality Centre (located at St Anne’s Church Bukit Mertajam). She has served in this ministry for 9 years. Her books include “My Little Meditations Book” and “Meditations with Icons” (available at St Anne’s Church’s shop). She promotes praying through scripture, body, art & poetry, and silence. Retreats are in English, Chinese & Bahasa Malaysia.

November & Advent Retreats – St Joachim Spirituality Centre@St Anne’s Church BM

November Weekend Retreats (optional stay-in)

Body Prayer Retreat, Nov 14-15

Art & Spirituality Retreat, Nov 21-22

Preached Weekend Retreats – starts Fri 8pm & ends with Sun 3pm mass.

1st Advent Weekend, Nov 27–29: The Spirituality of Advent – Fr Gerard Theraviam

3rd Advent Weekend, Dec 11–13: The Heart of Advent: A preached retreat to deepen our understanding of the meaning of Advent as preparation for a more enriching celebration of the birth of Christ. – Fr. Ignatius Huan

A Personal Christmas & New Year with the Lord – Sr Lily Bong, IJ & Nita Ng

For this personally directed retreat, you may choose any number of days within these dates: Fri, 18 Dec 8pm – Thu, 24 Dec 10am, and Fri, 25 Dec 8pm – Fri, 1 Jan 10am. (English, 中文 & Bahasa)

Website: To register:

伍翠婷姐妹Nita Ng – 槟城教区新任灵修辅导及帶避静者. 她平曰居在大山脚圣安纳堂—圣若亞敬灵修中心


个別指导避静,避静者须全程参与,不鼓励中途外出。由本院灵修陪伴者作个別陪伴。避静将由第一天晚上8点开始,直到最后一天早上10点结束。多少天是由你本身决定, 请从以下日期内选择:

1218曰,星期五 – 1224曰,星期四 (7天), (只剩6个位)

1225曰,星期五 – 11曰,星期五 (8天), (只剩5个位)

报名请 email: /电话: 04-5386405


谢谢大家,願主与你同在Nov & Advent Flyer

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