CEC Open Day at CDM Penang

On the 15th of November, 2015, Catechism classes for the year came to a close at the Church of Divine Mercy, Penang (CDM). In celebration of this last day of catechism, an Open Day as held. This was a day where classes had parties with food and drinks and students were recognized for their work in understanding the faith. Parents were also invited to class to witness their children receive workbook prizes and to converse with teachers about their children’s faith journey.

It was a fun-filled time as the students were able to enjoy fellowship with other classes with whom they shared their excess food. The students were also asked by their teachers what they really liked about catechism and what needed to be improved. Angelli Raj Kaur, a Form 2 student, said that she comes to catechism “… to learn about God and to have fun.  It has affected my life; it has helped me increase my faith.”  Another student from Year 5, Michelle Gomez, said that she found catechism fun.  “I liked the stories”, she responded. “Because it makes things easier to understand and remember.  I hope next year will be something like this year, something fun.”

Shireen Lee, a Year 6 teacher enjoyed teaching her 2015 class: “What I liked best about this year was that they are very participative and friendly.”  When asked what she would do differently for next year, she replied, “Maybe we could do more class activities.” She did express the hope that next year’s class would be more willing to join some of the many church ministries to give back to the community.

When one of the parents who were present at the Open Day was asked if they thought that catechism increased their child’s faith, he replied,  “Yes, I think it helps develop their spiritual life instead of always focusing on their school studies.” Gilbert Gomez, the father of Michelle (Year 5) and Melanie (Form 3) also added,  “It also helps them become more participative in Mass.”

Yvonne Marisel James receiving an award for Best Workbook in Year 6
Yvonne Marisel James receiving an award for Best Workbook in Year 6

At the end of the Open Day, parents became more aware of the role of teachers in helping with their children’s faith journey. In addition, they were also grateful for the unfailing support and guidance of their parish priest, Fr. Martin Arlando in providing the spiritual environment to help build a better future Christian community at CDM.

Written by : Hannah Rose Lee (Form 1 student at CDM)

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