Dear faith sharers,
Last year, we had gone back to the basics of our ministry – Catechesis: The act of handing on the Word of God. And with that, had decided to rename CEC to the Catechesis Ministry (CM) with the theme of “Echoing God’s love, and forging the shields of faith and swords of the spirit”. We had also faced a pandemic which required us to change the way we handled catechesis. We wish to thank all those who have served in this ministry in the past year which had given us a different challenge altogether and thank those that are continuing to serve in our ministry, especially during these continued unprecedented times. Additionally, we wish to thank the parents who have been and are continuing to give support to the ministry and be involved in their children’s catechesis as the role of the family continues to play a vital role in the formation of our children. We also thank Fr Michael for his unfailing support, guidance, motivation, and leadership to us and to the education of our children in the faith. Though we are still faced with challenges with our current situation, it has also given us the opportunity to grow and try new things in sharing the faith. I am confident that with the Lord’s guidance and help, we’ll be able to face these challenges – we need only to place our trust in Him.

Jesus, I trust in You. Amen.

Ken Lee
Catechesis Ministry (Lead)
Form 3