Dear Faith Sharers,

We wish to thank all those who have faithfully served in this ministry the past year but have left to devote more time to their personal challenges. We warmly welcome back those who have continued to stay on to serve, as well as all new faith sharers into our ministry. Fr Martin Arlando, our parish priest has said that the CEC is the heartbeat of the parish and in guiding our children in their faith journey we are also enriching and strengthening our own faith. We thank Fr Martin for his unfailing support and constant guidance as well as the motivation he gives to the children by being a Jesus to all of us. In this coming year he has challenged us to switch classes in order to learn more of our faith, introduced meditation to our children and mandatory church ministry service for all our youth. With his guidance we will all grow to be a more inclusive community especially in this year that we have themed as the Year of the Family at CDM. I am confident that as we face all the challenges as we come regularly to teach our children, the Lord will always be there for us. We need only to place our trust in Him and He will generously bless us and our families.

Jesus, I trust in You.

  • Dr. Ivan Filmer