A. Learning Stations for Life Skills and Enhancement Skills (for people with Learning Difficulty)
The Divine Mercy Free Learning Centre in Sungai Ara, Penang is to mirror the La Salle Learning Centre at Penang Road, Penang and serve the needs of the people of Penang in the Southern part of Penang Island with various skill-based learning activities which will be held free of charge for every resident irrespective of race or religion, in line with the goal of contributing to the society and the nation as a whole. Volunteer facilitators have been trained over a 2-year period by Bro John D’Cruz, the founder of the La Salle Learning Centre at Penang Road.

(Excepts from his comments in the LSLC Silver Jubilee Souvenir Booklet)

We have to nurture our students with a deep understanding of the meaning of accountability, transparency and to be citizens with a vision of participatory democracy in their personal and family lives… We need to give all our youth a new sense of their dignity and self-worth so that the education system promotes wholesome individuals who will work in more collaborative and harmonious way in society… The introduction of learning centres…has to be one of our most urgent and immediate needs.

Dato Bro. Anthony Rogers, Director of Christian Brothers Schools Malaysia has strongly encouraged the Church to set-up the Learning Centre at the premises of the Church of Divine Mercy, Sungai Ara.
Example of how the Learning Stations for Life Skill and Enhancements Skills will be set up, courtesy of The La Salle Learning Centre.

Accolades (excepts from LSLC Silver Jubilee Souvenir Booklet):

Thank you for your commitment and dedication to this Learning Centre! I benefited from this programme. God bless you! …LSLC alumni
Thanks to all of you wonderful volunteers. You have inspired me to do the same to others. …LSLC alumni
My son was enrolled into Standard One…to my dismay he failed in his first term school examinations…subsequently…it dawned upon me that he had difficulty in reading. After suggestion by the school principal, I enrolled my son at the LSLC. Not only was he coached in reading and writing, he was also coached in other living skills such as art and music. At the end of two years, he moved up from somewhere at the bottom of the class to above average. I appreciate the spirit of volunteerism and dedication of all those associated with the Centre. …Parent of LSLC alumni

B. Counselling

C. Medical Consultation and Therapy (Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine)

D. Occupational Therapy

E. Tuition Classes

F. Special Activities for Senior Citizens

G. Aikido Class (used to be provided but currently on hold due to unavailability of Master)

H. Music Room (to be set-up with the new building)

I. Hairdressing and Make-up, Computing, Martial Arts (to be set-up with the new building)