Ministry of Friends of Creation (FoC)

Inspired by the call of Pope Francis, Church of Divine Mercy, Penang, Malaysia (CDM) pledged as Green Parish and received two green awards from Local Government in 2019.  We support Catholic Global Climate Movement to care for our mother earth and support Penang State vision to be a Green State.  CDM advocates zero plastics waste, we reduce waste by educating parishioners to make enzyme, compost, eco-bricks, and lastly recycle. Our parishioners are encouraged to BYO (Bring your own) for all events.   We conserve natural resources by installing solar panel, rain harvest system, and drip irrigation system.  CDM has rooftop vegetable gardens that serve as an education centre to encourage parishioners to grow our own food naturally to reduce carbon footprint and eat healthily, and the harvest is to donate to the poor besides selling to sustain the garden.


Maintain minimum 70% score in Penang Green Office Assessment Tool.


  • Pray for God’s Creation
  • Live Simply
  • Advocate to protect our common home;
  • Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Regenerate, Recycle
  • Stop Single Use Plastics, Paper plates & Cups
  • BYO water bottles, food container & utensils
  • Wash your own dish when Church provide reuse plates, cups & utensils
  • Support CDM Recycling Centre
  • Switch off electricity when not use
  • Reduce Carbon foot print by Carpool, divestment of fossil fuel & grow your own food
  • Save water with rain harvest and drip irrigation system and use water sparingly


  • Gen 2:15 Yahweh God took the man and settle him in the Garden of Eden to cultivate and take care of it.
  • ‘The Gospel of Creation’ in the Encyclical Letter “Laudato Si” of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home