The CDM Music Ministry plays a vital role in leading and joining the congregation in prayer and worship through music and songs. Each cantor and musician has volunteered themselves as instruments of worship by using their respective talents given by God, for God.Singing is praying. When one sings, one prays twice – so said the great St. Augustine. It is a complete spiritual experience. You sing with your entire self – mentally, physically and spiritually. When we sing hymns to God, they are prayers set to music. We are not just thinking the prayer, we are feeling it. And since we are to pray with our whole being, songs can definitely achieve this.

Music goes beyond our conscious mind. Remember that there is much more to a hymn than meets the eye. The words are prayers; and when these prayers are sung, the words become alive – a spiritual experience. That’s praying twice!

The members of the CDM Music Ministry are split into 7 different groups namely:

  1. St. Anne (headed by Adeline Sum)
  2. St. Bernard (headed by Peter Da Costa)
  3. St. Cecilia (headed by Gilbert Gomez)
  4. Living Spring choir (headed by Edmund Lee)
  5. Youth choir (headed by Brendan and Aundrey)
  6. Children’s choir (headed by Esther Tan)
  7. Bahasa Choir (headed by Albert Johnny)
  8. Filipino choir (headed by Nix Juban) –starting Jan 2016
  9. They are scheduled to serve for Weekend masses, Feast Days, Special Masses, Weddings and Funerals.

The Music Ministry has its doors open wide for anyone who is interested in joining – as a cantor and/or a musician.

Come meet us. Come join us.

  • Gilbert Gomez