A Divine Rescue

I always pray for my daily needs and that of my family. My prayers are always answered and our needs are always provided for. Every morning before I leave my house, I pray one Our Father and one Hail Mary to the angels and saints in heaven for my safety and protection on the road. Jesus always answers my prayers – Amen

I would like to share an incident where I felt I was touched by Jesus during a road accident with another car on 27/3/2014. The front portion of my car was smashed. My chest was bashed against the steering wheel and I could not breathe. There was also a hole in my knee cap.

Then a call from a man standing outside the car woke me up and brought me to my senses. I could see the vision of a man (looking like Jesus) opening the car door and helping me out. He placed me leaning on a lamp post by the side of the road; then he walked away and disappeared from my vision.

This incident and experience has positively changed my faith journey with Jesus. He has saved my life and I know that He wants me to continue doing His work in this world.

Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)

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