Healed of Baffling Illness

In 1996, I contracted a disease that baffled the doctors. It started with a sudden high fever and I gradually lost my ability to walk. The pain when my feet touched the ground was so excruciating that it felt as if my bone would shatter into pieces. I was admitted to the hospital where the doctors suspected an autoimmune disorder that had caused my body to shut down. I developed rashes all over my legs and my blood infection level kept increasing at a very alarming level. The rashes began to spread upward towards my abdomen within 2 days. The consultant warned me that heart paralysis may occur once the rashes reached my chest. I was in grave danger and there was nothing the doctors could do.

Our Catholic family friends, visited and prayed over me those 2 days. According to them, on the night that I was admitted, they were discussing the topic of how Jesus healed a paralyzed man during their bible study at church. One of my younger brothers passed away as a result of cancer in 1992, despite our earnest fasting and prayers. As a result, my family struggled with our faith and decided that God doesn’t care. Whenever our family friends came to pray over me in the hospital, my parents would leave the room.

On the night before my mother decided to fly me to one of the specialist hospitals in Kuching, our family friend came again to pray over me. On that particular day, she gave me a small teaspoon of her treasured holy water from Medjugorje. As soon as I had taken the holy water, I recovered instantly and I was able to walk and jump again. All the doctors and nurses were amazed and baffled by the miracle. My blood infection level gradually decreased over the next few weeks.

Most of my family members are still grappling with their faith but I believe that I am here today by God’s Grace.

Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)

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