I saw Image of Jesus


The location of the Jesus image

It was Maundy Thursday April 2nd 2015. My sister, Elizabeth and I normally spend a quiet few moments after Mass and leave before midnight, but this time, we waited for my son, Vijay to join us after work.

Upon entering the Church, I was taken in by the ambience. All the lights were switched off except for the light on the Blessed Sacrament. Together with the simple floral arrangement, the ‘cave like” effect brought me to Jesus’ time.

As I was looking at the Blessed Sacrament in silent adoration, I suddenly noticed that there was an imprint of Jesus’ face on the cloth which covered the Blessed Sacrament. The side profile of Jesus’ face was light pink and on His head was a crown of thorns. Our photographer, Josephine, obscured my view every now and then. I reckoned that she too must have seen the image of Jesus which was either beamed or imprinted as she bent awkwardly at times to capture the moment.
After adoration, I asked my son and sister if they too had seen the face of Jesus on the cloth. To my surprise, they both answered that they didn’t. My son Vijay, a former CHS/CDM alter server explained that they normally used a plain white cloth only.

Getting slightly agitated, I told my son and sister that Jesus’ face was DEFINITELY there, but they were the ones who had failed to notice this amazingly clever scene. Wanting to prove them wrong, I sought out Josephine the photographer since she was busy clicking away at that very spot on the cloth. To my surprise, she replied that she did not see what I told her I saw. However, she promised to go through the photographs to see if anything had been captured on camera.

I just could not dismiss this mystery without getting some clear answers, so I approached Father Martin. I was pretty sure that he would confirm what I saw was prearranged to create the ambience of Holy Thursday.

I will never forget Father Martin’s words after I related the story to him. “There was no imprint or beam on the cloth. You saw what He wanted you to see!” I was so stunned that the goose bumps and tears came simultaneously.

That night at home, I tried to let it all sink in, but my mind refused to come to terms with what I saw. I kept hounding Josephine for the photos – not because I doubted what I saw, but more so because I felt unworthy that Jesus wanted me to see Him.

That vision, which is not captured in the photo, is so deeply etched in my mind that I can never erase nor forget it.

Thank you Lord Jesus for the miracle of that moment and all the moments of our lives in which we have forgotten to say THANK YOU to you.

Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)

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