Jesus Heals

My dear brothers & sisters in Christ,

My ordeal began with a sudden sharp pain on my left wrist as I was taking out my purse in September 2002. The slightest movement just made it worse and I couldn’t sleep at night despite taking pain killers.

The orthopaedic specialist at first diagnosed tendonitis and prescribed medicine and physiotherapy. He later said that it was a degenerative disease but the MRI finding showed a traumatic cause (even though I did not fall or injure myself). As the pain intensified, I had to undergo an arthroscopy before continuing with the same treatment.

The pain relief, however, was only temporary. Treatment only relieved my pain for a short period. In frustration, I went to the Church of Immaculate Conception in Pulat Tikus , Penang for a Shalom prayer meet and healing.
As a couple from the Shalom group prayed over me, Jesus APPEARED to me in a huge illuminating LIGHT on the left hand corner of the church. He came and touched my painful lump and it immediately disappeared. I slumped to the floor where I lay after being slain in the Spirit.

That night I slept peacefully and when I woke I no longer felt any pain on my wrist and I could move it in all directions effortlessly. I picked up an empty plastic bag first and then graduated on to a 5 kg sack of rice without any pain whatsoever!

With great joy, I testified my miraculous healing to my doctor, my family, friends and even to my patients. I thank and praise God. Indeed He is awesome!

Parish: Church of the Immaculate Conception (Penang)

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