Saved Twice

Both incidences happened 20 years ago

1) At my work place

Part of my duties was to confirm and verify the chemical that the production line is using. An operator uses an electrical pump to pump the acid from a 200 gallon drum to a big storage tank. One day, during the process of transporting the acid, the pump hose somehow wasn’t locked properly. Acid burst out from the dislodged pump and it sprayed directly on to my wrist and down the lower part of my body.

Somehow, I didn’t panic. I stopped the pump while three other people flushed water onto my body under my supervision. My pants were shredded to many pieces but with God’s and St Anne’s help, there were no burns! The nurse on duty was shocked and I witnessed to her my faith in God and St Anne.

2) Accident in Green Lane

I was a pillion rider on a friend’s motorbike. Suddenly a car shot out from the side road and hit our motorcycle. My friend, the rider, was flung to the left of the pavement. I, together with the motorcycle flew to the centre of the road. My head was just 2 cm away from the wheel of a bus! People were shouting, ‘mati, mati’ ! But I got up, lifted the motorcycle and my friend (who was in shock) and I pushed the motorcycle all the way to my house in Pulau Tikus . My pants were torn and my legs were bleeding but I cleaned my wounds and went to St Anne’s where my friends were waiting for me.

Both these incidents did not require any hospitalization.

Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)

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