I had been suffering from backache for some years and in 2012, an unbearable burning pain progressed to my hips, thigh and knee which rendered me incapable of getting out of bed or to walk normally.

I was admitted to hospital and treated for pain without any improvement and after 5 days, I was discharged without finding out the cause of my problem. In January 2013, I sought a second opinion where an MRI revealed osteoarthritis with nerve compression and was again treated. The pain and burning sensation continued and I could not stand for longer than 10 minutes at a time.

Friends from church visited to pray bringing holy water from Lourdes and dried rose petals from the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, Sungai Batu. For three days, I prayed and drank the holy water and water mixed with the rose petals while applying it to my troubled areas. Amidst all these actions, I began to sense that ‘something’ was happening to me soon after.

The following day, as I have been doing for the past 10 years, I prayed the Divine Mercy chaplet at 3pm. As I completed the prayer, I stood up for a few minutes to say St Faustina’s prayer, ‘At the feet of Christ in the Eucharist’. I uttered to the Lord that I will come into His presence and closed my eyes. At that very moment, I heard the Lord say, “My child, you are healed.” The voice was clear, audible and very, very real. I fell onto the edge of the bed.

As I was resting there in the Spirit, the Lord said, “Give praise to me always and say my prayer without fail.” He then told me that my neighbour, in hospital undergoing a caesarean section for premature labour and for whom I had been praying, was going to be fine.

I opened my eyes and prayed a special prayer, ‘To Mother of God’ and then started singing. All of a sudden, I was standing and I could put my leg forward! I actually walked out of my room to the alter without any effort, where I continued to praise and thank God.

With joy in my heart, I called my family and friends to share the good news of my healing. I gladly fulfilled the vow I made to Our Blessed Mother for her intercession by taking a bouquet of roses to the chapel in Sungai Batu. I thank our Lord for his powerful healing hands over me as I continue to be faithful in prayers to the Divine Mercy.

Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)

I was admitted to Island Hospital for a week with a Urinary Tract Infection. During my stay in hospital I met a family (mother and son) from Indonesia who were across the room from mine. The son, Hendrick was very sick and every day from 4pm his temperature spiked and he would shiver uncontrollably while complaining of pain all over. Samples taken from his spinal cord showed that his white cell count was very high and his mother was told that one of his organs was swollen.

Hendrick’s mother kept asking around for a Catholic. A nun had prayed over him at the airport in Indonesia when he had difficulty sitting up and told them that he would be well after being prayed over in Penang.

I was not yet a Catholic as I was still attending RCIA. When my husband came to see me we read the bible and prayed. During that time, we were encouraged to read the gospel of Mark, reflect and share our experience.

When my husband saw Hendrick’s mother outside my room looking inside, he asked me about her. I told him about her very sick son and that she was looking for a Catholic to pray over him. It then dawned on me that my husband was a Catholic, newly baptised just 8 months ago.

My husband asked the woman whether she wanted someone to pray over her son and she immediately responded ‘yes’. He asked her to start praying in his room while he tried to contact his Alpha prayer group friends. All of them were unavailable.

My husband was disappointed to go back on his promise. I offered to help him out, so with a faithful and determined heart, he went over and prayed over Hendrick. He just asked God to use his hands as His instrument to heal this youth and that the doctors will be able to diagnose his illness. We concluded our prayer with Our Lord’s prayer, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

We then went back to our room and continued to pray very hard, begging for God’s mercy. About 15 to 20 minute later, Hendrick’s mother rushed to our room asking for my husband’s name card. When we asked why, she said that her son was healed! We were dumbfounded and asked her, “How do you know?”

She said, “His fever and pain is gone and his sweat is trickling out of his body.” My husband went over to Hendrick’s room and saw a smiling youth sitting on his bed and happily wiping his sweat. It was the same person who was unable to sit up on his bed! Still in a state of shock he returned to my room and asked if I believed in all that had happened and I responded, “Yes, I believe.”

I was discharged on 19/12/11 and Hendrick on the 26/12/11 after he was diagnosed with a bacterial infection. On Christmas Eve, we brought him, wearing pyjamas with a needle still in his hand to OLS for mass. He was very excited as it was his first time attending mass and his mother was happy that he could sit for hours without pain. (They are Taoist)

I believe the Lord is telling me that ‘He can do anything if I believe in Him’. I also believe that it is through his mother’s love and faith that he was healed.

Place: Island Hospital (Penang)

It was Friday 31st March 2017. For no reason in particular, I went over to my parish, CDM that morning. I was in front of the large image of the Divine Mercy when Catherine Lee one of our parishioners came along. I asked her if she was going to the Holy Land in December. Since she had been the previous year, she directed the same question to me.
As I mulled over family commitments, time and financial constraints, I told her that I doubted if my husband, a non-Catholic would be interested since he had previously turned down a couple of local pilgrimages. Catherine persisted – “Did you ask him about this particular pilgrimage?” That really threw me! I said a quick prayer to the Divine Mercy and decided to ask him that very day itself.
I contacted our pilgrimage organizer, Johnny Bong who sent me the details. I forwarded it to my husband with a message to say that I felt we both should go. To my surprise, he not only agreed but banked in the deposit to book our place!
This pilgrimage was something that I had never planned or dreamt of going because I lacked the faith that it would happen. Looking back, I realize the simple chain of events; being in church for no particular reason, meeting Catherine and talking to her about the pilgrimage and voicing out my desire.
I also realize that it was a calling for both my husband and I to journey in the footsteps of Jesus. I thank the Divine Mercy for using Catherine as an instrument and for granting us my heart’s desire to go to the Holy Land!