1. Meet the Parish Priest 6 months before the intended date of marriage.
  2. Marriages approved by the Church:
    (a) Catholic – Catholic marriage (MASS)
    (b) Catholic – Other Christian marriage (SERVICE)
    (c) Catholic – Other religion marriage (SERVICE)
    *Cathoics MUST be confirmed without grave inconvenience (a requirement of canon Law – CIC 1065)
  3. Complete marriage course:
    (a) Engaged Encounter (EE) course or weekend course
    (b) Other recognised marriage course (parish-based) – proof of participation needed
  4. Fill up PNI Form with Parish Priest (by Appointment) after completion of above marriage course. Please bring a long the following documents:
    (a) Marriage course certificate
    (b) Civil Marriage certificate (if available)
    (c) Copy of IC / passport of Witnesses
    *Catholics are encourage to be witnesses for church weddings, Parents are NOT allowed.
    (d) Copy of IC / passport of couple
    (e) Baptism certificate (6 months or less) / Birth of certificate for non-Catholic
    (f) Passport size photo (couple)
  5. Date of Marriage confirmed upon completion of the PNI form.
  6. Permitted days for Wedding:
    (a) Monday – Friday: 10:30am; 12:30pm; 3:00pm; 5:00pm
    (b) Saturday: 10:30am; 12:30pm; 3:00pm
    *No marriage permitted on Sundays, Feastdays, Lent season and Parish events
  7. For more clarification, Kindly contact the Parish Priest.

Document: Guidelines for Marriage