Our BEC Mission

The Bishop of Penang calls on all Catholics in the Diocese to imitate the early Christian Community (Acts 2:42) in building BECs, understood as area based grouping of about 10 to 20 families, where there is a sense of belonging, faith sharing, life witness and service in love hope.

Being Together

We reach out to all person and build relationships in our neighbourhood

Evangelising One Another

We meet Jesus Christ by listening to the word and sharing what God is calling me to be and do

Commiting Ourselves

We live our faith by caring for and serving others within and beyond the community

Strengthening Our Church

We unite our BECs with the parish, the diocese and the universal church


The Ten Directive Concerning the Pastoral Care of BECs in the Diocese of Penang

  1. Communitarian Pastoral Care of BECs is Central and Vital
    The Parish is a communion of BECs - 10 to 20 families divided geographically. They have monthly gatherings.
  2. BECs are Relational Communities
    Small numbers enhance interpersonal relationship, sharing and living of faith.
  3. All are Included
    The BEC Core Team regularly visits all families, especially those who need more attention. Everyone is given importance.
  4. Active Participation of Youth
    All Youth, especially the Working Youth, must take an active part at the BECs. The leaders of BECs will make plans to welcome all Youth for their gatherings.
  5. A Common Designated Week (Regularly)
    All BECs in the Diocese will have the second week of the month (Sunday - Saturday) for their monthly gathering. Priority will be given to BEC gatherings.
  6. Formation / Coordination of BEC Core Teams
    The PPC, in collaboration with the relevant parish bodies (PAT/ZCT), will meet, animate, facilitate and give formation regularly for all BEC Core Teams. Prayer and the Word of God are important.
  7. A BEC Core Team is Important
    A BEC Core Team is made up of Leader, Assistant Leader, Messengers and Youth Representative. They meet monthly.
  8. Commitment of Parish Priest Towards Community Building
    A greater commitment is envisioned from Parish Priests whose important task is as community builders.
  9. The Eucharist at BEC Level
    The Eucharist will be celebrated only once a year at BEC level.
  10. The Diocese Animating Team Animates and Monitors BECs
    The DAT with the help of the AsIPA Team helps in the animation, progress and formation of BECs.