CDM Maintenance Team is consisted of:
Chairman:           Anthonysamy Arokiam
Secretary:           Steven Bruyns
Treasurer:           To be determined

Committee Members:
Daniel Kan, David Choo, Francis Xavier, Janeris Anthony, Mark Yeoh, Peter Soosay, Thomas Devass and Xavier Rajah.

Advisors:  Fr Bernard Paul and Vincent Lim.


The team is formed with an objective of members providing voluntary effort to upkeep the church building in good and safe working condition.  As the church premises is equipped with furniture and numerous equipment such as elevators, air conditioners, lightings, AVA systems  and fire-fighting equipment which need a regular service or operational maintenance, the team members meets monthly to discuss and carry out or facilitate works that are necessary to ensure all equipment are functioning and safe to operate or use, repairing and replacing damaged furniture or engaging contractors for servicing  those facilities that are beyond members ability to handle.

The team has done numerous projects ranging from hanging sign boards to repairing the solid wooden pews.  The members are consist of mostly DIY enthusiasts and desire to contribute ideas and giving their hands to put into the good use of keeping the Church premises fully functional and conducive to house people from our community who come and gather in this place to worship and moving toward building the kingdom of God.

The team also meets regularly to discuss how the premises can be put into good use for the community around the Church.  Our Faustina Hall can house a seating capacity of 250 people and a banquet reception of around 120 people.  We are currently working toward providing a court for youth activities such as Ping Pong games and basketball.  We are also in the progress of putting in place a facility for funeral parlor and wake service which will be made available to the public for a minimum rental.

If there is in you a zeal for making an effort to contribute to our community in Sungai Ara and would like to meet with us and contribute your idea, time and skill for the glory of God, please do not hesitate to join us.  Our memberships are never full.

  • Anthonysamy Arokiam
  • David Choo
  • Steven Bruyns