Episcopal Ordination of Msgr Sebastian Francis as Bishop of Penang

A bus load of 42 parishioners from CDM witnessed the Episcopal Ordination of Bishop elect Msgr Sebastian Francis at St. Anne’s Church at Bukit Mertajam. The bus left CDM at 3 pm on the 20th September, 2012 and arrived at Bukit Mertajam at 4 pm. The church was by then packed but most of us managed to get a seat under the big tents set up outside the church.

The celebration started around 5 pm and ended around 7.30 pm. The ordination was witnessed by at least 6,ooo people in and around the church. Those under the tents watched the ceremony on big LCD screens and applauded the new Bishop warmly.  All present were then each given a souvenir of a picture and key chain. In addition, food was served to all present. The bus left the church at 8.30 pm and arrived back at CDM around 9.30 pm. All who went were most glad to have witnessed this ordination. The last ordination of the Bishop of Penang was 29 years ago.

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