CDM Penang Establishes First Parish Pastoral Council

On the morning of Sunday, 23rd March, 2014, Fr Martin Arlando, parish priest of the Church of Divine Mercy (CDM) Penang called together a group 22 parishioners representing the leaders of BEC and Ministries for a meeting. He began with an opening prayer and then explained the purpose of a parish pastoral council (PPC) at CDM. He referred to the Constitution of the PPC of the Diocese of Penang and explained that with the establishment of CDM as a parish on the 29th September, 2013, the role of the Advisory Council would have to cease at the end of March 2014. The PPC of CDM would have to be established and take over the role of advising him in the running of the parish. The people called to this meeting would constitute the first PPC of CDM. Each person was then asked to introduce himself/herself and explain the present leadership role played in the parish. Fr. Martin also introduced some people whom he had included to join the PPC as their contributions would be significant in the balanced growth of CDM. These included the leaders from the Youth Ministry, the Altar Servers and the Migrant Ministries (East Malaysians, Indonesians and Filipinos).

An election took place and the office bearers were elected by balloting. The PPC office bearers elected are as follows:

President:  Fr. Martin Arlando (Parish Priest)

Chairperson:  Mr. Gerard Rodney Gomez

Vice-Chairperson:  Dr. Ivan Filmer

Honorary Secretary:  Mr. Francis Xavier Arulanthu

Honorary Assistant Secretary:  Ms. Catherine Chong

Treasurer:  Ms. Jennifer Lee


            In his speech to the PPC, Fr. Martin emphasized that his priority would be the BECs. This was to be the main focus of involvement in all church activities. He also stressed the mission of Discipleship by the Diocese of Penang in being Called, Chosen and Sent. This was to serve as the basis of the vision and mission of CDM in line with the Mercy and Compassion of the Divine Mercy not forgetting the service towards all migrant parishioners. Some matters arising that were discussed included improving the security of the church in view that Fr was the sole resident there and the matter of finding solutions to the transport problems faced by migrants coming to church.


            On the 6th April, 2014, the first PPC of CDM was installed at the 9 am mass. A simple ceremony was conducted where the outgoing Advisory Council was thanked by Fr Martin for the services rendered and the new PPC members were asked to come forward to be recognized by the parishioners. A representative of the Advisory Council then lit a candle from the altar and passed the light over to the members of the PPC to symbolize the handing over. The PPC members then read out their pledge to accept responsibility of the parish leadership and to serve the people of CDM. A prayer was then recited and Fr. Martin gave them a blessing.


Written by

Dr. Ivan Filmer

21st April, 2014.

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