A Gift From God

My name is Joyce and I am 32 years old. I was not a Christian until 3 years ago. Since secondary school I had a friend and teacher talk to me about Christ. I have even followed them to Church once in a while. I believed in the existence of God but my belief in Jesus wasn’t strong and I did not follow Him.

My turning point happened 4 years ago. My aunt and uncle both died of colon cancer. I saw them suffer a lot during that period. Then, my father was diagnosed with nose cancer and during the same time my mother also had health problems. I was so scared and worried about diseases especially cancer. I worried until I found it difficult to breath and couldn’t focus on work.

By coincidence, a breast specialist found an abnormal lump on my right breast from an ultrasound during the same year. The doctor suggested an operation and a tissue biopsy for malignancy. I was so stressed and worried but I couldn’t tell my parents about my problem as it would worry them too.

I told a friend who invited me and other friends to her house. They helped me to pray and ask God to heal me. Surprisingly I felt peaceful after the prayer. After few days, I went to visit another specialist for a second opinion. Praise the Lord, the specialist after doing an ultrasound, told me that there was no abnormality!

I went to see a 3rd specialist and again the result was the same – no abnormal tissue! Thank God for healing me of not only my physical ailment, but also my inner heart. He has given me a healthy body and a peaceful heart. Peace, is a feeling that I had been looking and longing for all the time but I never had it. I had never felt peaceful before I believed in Christ. I feel that every day is a gift and blessing from God. I appreciate this gift and the blessing. Although our life is full of suffering, challenges and problems, I hope everyone can take a moment to thank God and appreciate the gift/blessings that He gives us every day. Praise the Lord!

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