BEC Benefit & Healing

I would like to share my experience of the benefit of attending BEC. I am from BEC St. Mark 1.


In June 2014, I had a rude shock when my 12 year old daughter went into depression, she was bullied in school and isolated by her teachers, and she felt as if no one loves her. She was afraid of being herself in crowd. She didn’t want to mix with anyone. She lost her self-esteem. She would cling to us, parents and the more I try to help her, the more depressed I became and slowly, I started to feel helpless. While at a BEC meet, reflection paper meet. I shared the problem at hand. The feedback I received from all those who attended the meet, was overwhelming. I felt as though I was surrounded by my family members to comfort us, the whole family. 

The true meaning of BEC was revealed during that moment. The BEC leader’s wife sacrificed a souvenir (a rosary) for my daughter so that she could have something to cling onto in school in case she needs assurance of divine intervention. All the love showered, during that period of time made my daughter respond “Mommy I don’t care if my friends and teachers don’t like me or don’t want me because I have such a big family who cares and love me so much”. And since, she is stronger and went through her UPSR with ease and was able to mingle in church and serve as Altar Server.

This is the benefit of BEC – Family! These people in BEC are the nearest family in times of need. Join your BEC, make yourself present and experience the love as you share your love for people.

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