Corpus Christi Testimony

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

My name is Rose.  I’m here today to share with you my experienced of JESUS’s LOVE and HIS miracle in my personal life.

In year 2011, Martin my beloved husband, was diagnosed with tumor in his brain.  I  felt extremely sad, and lost.  I had even more reason to fear as,  in year 2008, his medical report showed his cancer cells was active.

I feared losing Martin terribly.  I was troubled  and confused.    I had nobody else to turn to except JESUS DIVINE MERCY.   HE was the only HOPE whom I trusted, hence I surrendered everything to HIM.  I believe that HE will lead me and guide me to find the best surgeon for Martin.

It was on Father’s Day,  the 19th June 2011,  when we were scheduled to meet our third surgeon for a third opinion for Martin.   I was unable to focus in Mass that Sunday as I had a multitude of worries that haunted my mind.

corpus-christiIn spite of that,  I did experience the true presence of JESUS during the consecration. The moment when Fr. Bernard Paul lifted up the host,  I saw JESUS’  face on the host itself.    Not believing my eyes,  I looked again carefully and true enough, it was  JESUS’  face very clearly imprinted in the host.

Wow….I thought to myself.   Seeing JESUS’ face, I felt HIS divine joy and a peace gushed all over me.   I felt the assurance of HIS appearance that I’m never alone for HE is always right beside me.   In that instant, my fears vanished.  It was the best moment of my life that I will never erase from my memory.  It is still very fresh and the vision of  Christ  is lives vividly, etched in my mind.

On the  3rd July 2011, (2 days before Martin’s admission for the surgery), Martin was on duty as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.   He recalled the faith of the bleeding woman from Matthew 9:18,  whom, after touching JESUS’ cloak was healed of her sickness.  Likewise, as Martin was returning the ciborium, he touched the corporal in the ciborium and just asked for JESUS’ healing.

Magdalena Chin, my childhood friend and now our neighbor and BEC member, revealed to us that she felt touched and wept uncontrollably the very exact moment Martin was returning the ciborium into the tabernacle that Sunday.   It was 3 weeks later after Martin’s surgery then,  when Magdalena shared this with us without any prior knowledge of Martin’s action.  She felt assured that Martin was already healed that very instant.

Yes, indeed Martin was healed with clean medical report confirmed a benign tumor.  He is now as ‘healthy as a horse’ ! Praise the LORD,  AMEN !!

Furthermore,  I would like to share another two incidents that I had experienced and witnessed myself.

On one Sunday morning, I felt JESUS’ presence during the consecration in mass again.  Fr. Gerard Theraviam, a priest well-known known for his deep voice and dark complexion, was celebrating mass that Sunday.   The moment he uttered the Eucharistic Prayer, I saw Fr.GT  glowing.  He was dazzling white and sparkling bright.  I quickly blinked, thinking it was my eyes playing tricks on me but, when I looked again, the light remained and indeed, Fr. GT was shining and I knew JESUS was present during the consecration

Having seen this, I felt an even stronger and closer connection to JESUS.  I felt that JESUS was so near and real.  It comforted me to know that JESUS is present and not some distant ‘GOD’ that we pray for.   For me, there is no room for doubt now, only faith.  I am affirmed that HE is here, amongst us and that HE listens to us.  I felt an even deeper desire to praise and glorify HIM.   AMEN

Similarly, the other time I felt JESUS’ presence during the Eucharistic celebration when I was on duty as Extraordinary Minister.  After communion, I was returning the  ciborium into the tabernacle when I felt, to my surprise, the weight of the ciborium was as heavy as a baby !!                            

Again, it removes all doubt I had about the presence of JESUS in my life.


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