Look At The Cross

I am sorry I cannot remember the actual date. It was sometime in early 2015. I was quite sick and feeling very down due to some personal and family problems. I was early for Mass on that day so the church was quite empty and quiet. I was sitting alone on the front pew- first row, praying quietly. When I pray I always have the habit of looking down and concentrate on my prayers.

Suddenly I heard a calm and clear voice saying “Look at the cross.” I was taken by surprise, I looked around, nobody was near me and the nearest person was quite a distance from me. I was very sure I heard the message, it was very clear. I was dumbfounded, shocked and disturbed, I could not pray. I didn’t know what to do so I quiet and still. I tried to decipher the message. Then it dawned on me that Jesus was telling me that my cross is so small compared to His cross…that I should not worry but have hope and trust in the Lord.

Everything will be good and beautiful in His time.

Now, whenever I pray I make sure that I look up and gaze at the beautiful cross hanging in the sanctuary. My family and I are blessed and grateful that we have a Father who heals, cares, forgives, and carries our burdens on His shoulders. He has no off days and never retires.

I praise and glorify you Lord Jesus. I lay everything at your feet. Thank you Lord.

Jesus I trust in you.


Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)

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