Persistent in Prayer & Perserverence

I went for this healing Mass for women on 13th March 2014 at CDM, Penang, with kind of reluctance because I was too tired from work but my mom was looking forward to it. Just as the Praise & Worship started I felt all my tiredness and weariness just left me. I must continue to pray Persistently & Patiently with God’s answer as said by Fr Martin Arlando. Fr Martin asked us to pray along with him ofa most beautiful prayer and in the midst of saying the prayer, Jesus spoke to me saying that all that I’ve been praying for especially for my two sons, husband and others will be well and answered. I cried for He was speaking to me so clearly. It was the most beautiful experience with my Saviour who loves me so much despite my weakness and brokenness! I love Him!
I cried in the night when I was preparing to sleep recalling the beautiful moment when Jesus spoke to me. I didn’t want to sleep for fear of losing the feeling of real peace and happiness that enthralls me now from the experience. Waking up next morning I found all of it disappeared with the hustle and bustle of this temporal world but Jesus’ message was still clearly ringing in my ears and mind that is “Persistent in Prayer & Perseverance”

Praise be Jesus. Jesus I Trust in You. Amen

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