The Light

On May 29th 2016, at Sunday Mass; 10 minutes into the sermon by Fr. Martin at Church of Divine Mercy, I saw a halo around Father Martin from head to toe.

Father Martin was talking about the Eucharist: the significance and importance of partaking in the Eucharist in the Catholic Church. I was attracted to this glowing incessantly bright yellow light which outlined the periphery of the whole body.

The yellow light tapered to white light before it blended into the surrounding environment. This is about 3 inches in thickness. Father Martin appeared radiant with the aura all around his body.
I looked at my watch and noted it was 9.12am and kept telling myself “This is real. I am not dreaming. I am not dreaming.” I looked around the area where the choir or altar boys were standing and noted there was no halo/aura around their bodies. I knew then that what I was witnessing was real and that it was the Holy Spirit and not somebody else. I was calm but at the same time felt very blessed to have been given the priceless opportunity to be the witness of this event. This is the Light of God.

I feel so blessed because I am a Buddhist. I am on my spiritual journey to know God and Jesus.

I shared the good news with my Godma: Aunty Suzanne Lee who is 93 years old. She advised me strongly to share this good news with Father Martin. I felt I had to reveal this magnificent light that God has revealed to me in Father Martin. He is so blessed to be in God’s glory and God’s light to his parishioners of the Church of Divine Mercy Penang.

On 5th June, after Mass and the baptism of the 2 children which I actually stayed back to witness for the very 1st time I shared my account with Fr. Martin and he was very touched. My Godma mentioned that I was the chosen one by the Lord to witness the Divine Light in Father Martin.

I feel very honoured and blessed to be the Chosen one as I am a Buddhist chosen to witness the light of the Holy Spirit all over Father Martin, our honoured Priest. Hearing Father Martin’s sermon each time ; I am filled with the Divinity of the Holy Spirit. I could feel the presence of the Lord. I am emotionally and spiritually touched mightily.

God bless Father Martin mightily.

I pray that Father Martin will continue to be our Parish Father at Church of Divine Mercy in his endeavour to shepherd us, for we are his children.

Father Martin is truly Your chosen one – “The Light”.


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