As it is today:

The Church of Divine Mercy currently has 231 students from 12 classes ranging from Pre-School to Form 5, attending Catechism. This has grown from 171 students in 2013 ~ 7% annual growth rate.

Catechism is currently conducted in 9 classrooms while 3 other classes are conducted at other available locations. Another 3 classrooms are used for RCIA (Adult Catechism).

In the future, with the new building and the set-up of the Free Learning Centre, the following additional classrooms will be needed as a minimum: Learning Stations for Life Skills and Enhancement Skills for people with Learning Difficulty (refer to illustration below), Hairdressing and Make-up, Computing, Occupational Therapy, Counselling, Tuition Classes, Martial Arts, Aikido, Special Activities for Senior Citizens, Medical Consultations, Medical Therapy, Music Centre and many more programmes which will take place in due time.

Here’s the artist impression of the new building that will house the Free Learning Centre as well as the Community Hall.

There will be prayer rooms at the basement followed by three floors of additional parking lots for cars (117) and motorcycles (87). Then there will be 2 floors that could house up to twenty classrooms. Moving further up will be the multi-purpose Community Hall and at the rooftop we will have a Futsal Court.

The Building Plans have been submitted to MBPP and we hope to have the Ground Breaking in September 2018 with the building functional by September 2020.

The current cost to put up this building is RM10Million.


Artist impression of the new building and floor layout

Side Elevation View with existing building on the left and the new building on the right.

Main Entrance View

Badminton Courts

Futsal Court