The commentary scriptwriters group at CDM is a small but growing group.

This enthusiastic team works on a roster to provide the “script’ that is used by the commentator during the Weekly Masses and for special feastdays and celebrations. Firstly, the writer provides a theme that reflects the central message for the Eucharistic Celebration. This is usually based on the readings and gospel for the day. Scriptwriters are also required to pen the opening prayer at the start of the mass; a call to the congregation to come together as one, to praise the Lord.

In addition, the writer also provides an introduction to the Prayers of the Faithful or Intercessory prayers; followed by the intentions. These are constructed based on the GRIM (general Instruction of the Roman Missal). This normally includes a series of five intentions encompassing the needs of the Church, public authorities and the world at large, those burdened by difficulties and for the local community.

Writing the commentary for each Eucharistic celebration is a great privilege as it serves to lead the congregation as one during common prayers. One of the most powerful ways of praying for the needs of those around us is by lifting those needs before the Lord and praying as one church for his intercession and mercy.

The commentary scriptwriters group gladly welcomes parishioners who feel the call to serve in this ministry.

God gave Himself to you: give yourself to God.— Blessed Robert Southwell


  • Elizabeth Simon
  • Sharon Chandra