He has changed my life a lot. He has come into me and given me new hope.

When I pray, he comes into my answers, in my thoughts and my dreams.

When I get into trouble, he is there to save me.

I keep him in my prayers all the time. I never forget him because in my life, he has brought lots of help and I trust in Him.

Parish: St. Anne’s Church (Penang)

On February 22nd 2015 some 20 pilgrims led by Fr. Martin headed to Poland to collect the 1st class relic of St Faustina. While there, they went on a week-long pilgrimage that included the birthplace of St John Paul II and also the concentration camp in Auschwitz among other Holy monuments and shrines.

Below are some of the reflections and testimonies from the group.

It was an AWESOME experience to stand on holy ground where the saints physically lived and gave their lives completely for the glory of God. I felt my unworthiness and yet I felt God’s love so tremendous and fascinating that I teared when I first held both the relics of Sts. Faustina & JPII (which I received earlier) in my palms. My thoughts were on the verse “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” (Phil 4:13) that despite my unworthiness and like the saints I too pledge to live In His Presence always.

written by Fr. Martin

“I could feel the special atmosphere at the sanctuary and other Holy sites we visited. Polish people have great reverence and faith in the Catholic tradition. The tradition of regular prayer and thanksgiving and celebration of Masses was amazing.

How I wish Malaysian Catholics could overcome their lethargy and at least attend daily Masses. I guess I have to pray harder that this attitude will become part of our DNA as Catholics.

written by Rodney Gomez

We all know how much St John Paul II adores the young. Here we are in his Sanctuary and in the chapel dedicated to his name and relic, the Polish youths rendered him a nice Polish song. Although I could not understand the language but it was one of the most joy I felt there. A celebration of sort to a Saint and I was there with his spirit.

written by Matthew Chua

It was a life changing experience being able to stand where the saints once stood.”

written by Matthew Stephen

After all the excitement of the handing over of the relic had died down, I knelt to pray in front of the image of DM and St John Paul 2. At each spot, I was so overwhelmed and filled with the spirit that tears flowed freely down my face. I thank God for the privilege of being able to go on this pilgrimage. My daughter has noticed a change in my demeanour- calmer and more at peace.

written by Anna Khor

I was excited to visit Poland and the place where the Divine Mercy Devotion all began but I was also hoping for God to give me some Big clear signs on how and where He wanted me to serve Him.

I never expected He would speak to me so clearly through the lives of His saints. Learning how St Faustina and St John Paul II experienced so many trials in their lives yet served so joyfully truly inspired me. ..I feel so blessed.🙏

written by Sharon Chandra

A journey of spiritual nourishment for me whereby I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit guiding and reaching out to me giving me serenity in my life. Indeed felt very blessed.

written by Josephine Boon

The trip to Poland was a very spiritual experience for me. I saw and experienced the presence of St Faustina in every Nun that we interacted with in Poland, especially Sr Maria Vianna and Sr Ignatia.

Amy and I even experienced the outpouring of love from a total stranger who appeared out of the blue and guided us to not waste our money. He advised us not to but items from some youth. He then led us up the hill to the gift shop and disappeared in the opposite direction.

Visiting the significant locations of the Polish saints was very heart- warming and spiritually engaging.
I had regarded St John Paul II as a saint even when he was still alive so being in his childhood home and neighbourhood is beyond words. To know that a saint played football with his father the way I played football with my brother in the living room at about the same age brought tears to my eyes. Well, I shed quite a lot of tears in Poland.

It was a blessed trip and I am thankful to God for making it possibly for my family and I to join this journey of faith. The words, “Jesus, I trust in You” has become even more meaningful to me. God has been ever faithful to me and this sinner needs to have faith that He will continue to remain faithful to me.

I hope and pray, no, I have faith that I will be able to exude this confidence of God’s mercy unto others.
Jesus, I trust in You!

written by Mark Stephen

Visiting Auschwitz was a profound experience for me. I had heard so much about the horrifying stories from WW2 German occupation and was not too keen to see any of its remains.

When I entered into the barracks, I sensed very strong feelings of PAIN. Pain that gripped my heart and immediately brought tears to my eyes. As if the corridor walls, door handles and the dark passage way could talk – they were all emitted a strong sense of PAIN. Pictures of condemned Jews, the chambers of hairs, suitcases and spectacle – they all seemed to emit PAIN. PAIN caused by deception, fear, distress and most of all ABANDONMENT.

Then, I heard a silent cry – “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani” (My God, My God, Why have you abandoned me?) Jesus uttered these words before he breath his last 2,000 years ago. The same cries were felt coming from the walls and corridors of the barracks. I have diligently partaken in the “Passion of Christ” all these year in Church but never have I felt how painful Christ’s Passion was until I stood inside Auschwitz barracks. I could feel Christ Passion through the sufferings of the Jews and it was so REAL.

I submit every pain I felt through the rosary I carried with me that day. The prayer that came to my mind was “MOTHER OF GOD, pray for these souls of the innocent. JESUS Lord, pour forth your divine mercies on to them and grant them eternal rest”. Only after praying the rosary 2 ½ times, the PAIN stopped.

On that day, I understood what means “CHRIST DIVINE MERCY”. Why it came about after HIS terrible passion and HIS resurrection. It was by dying on the cross, going through ultimate PAIN any human can subject to another, JESUS chooses to LOVE, love to the deepest level that only GOD can do. Divine LOVE (from GOD coming through him) pours out unfathomable mercy to those who seek and trust in him … and they who seek and trust him will find themselves in HIS care. JESUS CHRIST is truly Son of GOD … HIS first miracle was to turn WATER into WINE … HIS ultimate miracle was to turn PAIN into LOVE on the cross and to RESURRECT from death as a sign of a LIVING and LIFE-GIVING LOVE. We should TRUST IN HIM and HIS unfathomable mercy can save even the darkest soul.

written by Gidget Chua

I only started to know more about John Paul II and Saint Faustina while preparing myself for the Poland pilgrimage. When I prayed at the 24hr chapel at the sanctuary I felt so touched by the Lord and walked out to be alone, which lead me to the pictures and wordings before the Stations of the Cross. Reading and reflecting on the wordings is beyond description. When I walked up to kiss the relic I was filled was tears of joy, lots of love in my heart and I could feel myself trembling. Now Divine Mercy, Saints Faustina and John Paul the second and the words Jesus I trust in you and the hymn trust and obey remains within me.

written by Christine Gomez

It was an amazing experience I had in Poland…inspired by the vision of angels spinning in the extremely bright light at the church where St. John Paul II was baptized and even received a few messages from our holy one. Thanks Christine J & Fr. Martin for all the efforts in organizing such a wonderful trip with spiritual guidance. Feel very blessed after I was touched by Holy Spirit and returned to Lord barely 4 years ago …shamefully to say that I was a lapsed catholic before.

written by Helen Loo

All I can say is that I’m truly blessed to be able to journey together on this trip to Poland with the rest of the pilgrims. Apart from the fun I had with my spiritual family, it was a getting-to-know-you journey, getting to know more about you… St Faustina and St John Paul II.

The preparation for this trip has brought me to come to know more of Jesus’ love and mercy through reading about the lives of these saints, St Faustina and St JPII. I’ve come to learn about how the lives of ordinary people had been transformed to extraordinary ones through the will and divine plan of our Lord. Reading about them and being inspired is one thing. Being there at their homes and where they used to dwell was another… it was an awesome feeling!

The words ‘Jesus I trust in You’ now have more profound meaning to me. Whatever it is, I now know that I walk a little closer with Jesus and in my darkest moments I can depend on His Divine Mercy to lift me up.

Thank you my Lord for this beautiful experience.

written by Jenifer Yap


Pilgrims with Fr. Martin and Sister Ignacia after receiving the relic of St Faustina.


The location of the Jesus image

It was Maundy Thursday April 2nd 2015. My sister, Elizabeth and I normally spend a quiet few moments after Mass and leave before midnight, but this time, we waited for my son, Vijay to join us after work.

Upon entering the Church, I was taken in by the ambience. All the lights were switched off except for the light on the Blessed Sacrament. Together with the simple floral arrangement, the ‘cave like” effect brought me to Jesus’ time.

As I was looking at the Blessed Sacrament in silent adoration, I suddenly noticed that there was an imprint of Jesus’ face on the cloth which covered the Blessed Sacrament. The side profile of Jesus’ face was light pink and on His head was a crown of thorns. Our photographer, Josephine, obscured my view every now and then. I reckoned that she too must have seen the image of Jesus which was either beamed or imprinted as she bent awkwardly at times to capture the moment.
After adoration, I asked my son and sister if they too had seen the face of Jesus on the cloth. To my surprise, they both answered that they didn’t. My son Vijay, a former CHS/CDM alter server explained that they normally used a plain white cloth only.

Getting slightly agitated, I told my son and sister that Jesus’ face was DEFINITELY there, but they were the ones who had failed to notice this amazingly clever scene. Wanting to prove them wrong, I sought out Josephine the photographer since she was busy clicking away at that very spot on the cloth. To my surprise, she replied that she did not see what I told her I saw. However, she promised to go through the photographs to see if anything had been captured on camera.

I just could not dismiss this mystery without getting some clear answers, so I approached Father Martin. I was pretty sure that he would confirm what I saw was prearranged to create the ambience of Holy Thursday.

I will never forget Father Martin’s words after I related the story to him. “There was no imprint or beam on the cloth. You saw what He wanted you to see!” I was so stunned that the goose bumps and tears came simultaneously.

That night at home, I tried to let it all sink in, but my mind refused to come to terms with what I saw. I kept hounding Josephine for the photos – not because I doubted what I saw, but more so because I felt unworthy that Jesus wanted me to see Him.

That vision, which is not captured in the photo, is so deeply etched in my mind that I can never erase nor forget it.

Thank you Lord Jesus for the miracle of that moment and all the moments of our lives in which we have forgotten to say THANK YOU to you.

Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)

In 1996, I contracted a disease that baffled the doctors. It started with a sudden high fever and I gradually lost my ability to walk. The pain when my feet touched the ground was so excruciating that it felt as if my bone would shatter into pieces. I was admitted to the hospital where the doctors suspected an autoimmune disorder that had caused my body to shut down. I developed rashes all over my legs and my blood infection level kept increasing at a very alarming level. The rashes began to spread upward towards my abdomen within 2 days. The consultant warned me that heart paralysis may occur once the rashes reached my chest. I was in grave danger and there was nothing the doctors could do.

Our Catholic family friends, visited and prayed over me those 2 days. According to them, on the night that I was admitted, they were discussing the topic of how Jesus healed a paralyzed man during their bible study at church. One of my younger brothers passed away as a result of cancer in 1992, despite our earnest fasting and prayers. As a result, my family struggled with our faith and decided that God doesn’t care. Whenever our family friends came to pray over me in the hospital, my parents would leave the room.

On the night before my mother decided to fly me to one of the specialist hospitals in Kuching, our family friend came again to pray over me. On that particular day, she gave me a small teaspoon of her treasured holy water from Medjugorje. As soon as I had taken the holy water, I recovered instantly and I was able to walk and jump again. All the doctors and nurses were amazed and baffled by the miracle. My blood infection level gradually decreased over the next few weeks.

Most of my family members are still grappling with their faith but I believe that I am here today by God’s Grace.

Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)

My dear brothers & sisters in Christ,

My ordeal began with a sudden sharp pain on my left wrist as I was taking out my purse in September 2002. The slightest movement just made it worse and I couldn’t sleep at night despite taking pain killers.

The orthopaedic specialist at first diagnosed tendonitis and prescribed medicine and physiotherapy. He later said that it was a degenerative disease but the MRI finding showed a traumatic cause (even though I did not fall or injure myself). As the pain intensified, I had to undergo an arthroscopy before continuing with the same treatment.

The pain relief, however, was only temporary. Treatment only relieved my pain for a short period. In frustration, I went to the Church of Immaculate Conception in Pulat Tikus , Penang for a Shalom prayer meet and healing.
As a couple from the Shalom group prayed over me, Jesus APPEARED to me in a huge illuminating LIGHT on the left hand corner of the church. He came and touched my painful lump and it immediately disappeared. I slumped to the floor where I lay after being slain in the Spirit.

That night I slept peacefully and when I woke I no longer felt any pain on my wrist and I could move it in all directions effortlessly. I picked up an empty plastic bag first and then graduated on to a 5 kg sack of rice without any pain whatsoever!

With great joy, I testified my miraculous healing to my doctor, my family, friends and even to my patients. I thank and praise God. Indeed He is awesome!

Parish: Church of the Immaculate Conception (Penang)