In 1996, I contracted a disease that baffled the doctors. It started with a sudden high fever and I gradually lost my ability to walk. The pain when my feet touched the ground was so excruciating that it felt as if my bone would shatter into pieces. I was admitted to the hospital where the doctors suspected an autoimmune disorder that had caused my body to shut down. I developed rashes all over my legs and my blood infection level kept increasing at a very alarming level. The rashes began to spread upward towards my abdomen within 2 days. The consultant warned me that heart paralysis may occur once the rashes reached my chest. I was in grave danger and there was nothing the doctors could do.

Our Catholic family friends, visited and prayed over me those 2 days. According to them, on the night that I was admitted, they were discussing the topic of how Jesus healed a paralyzed man during their bible study at church. One of my younger brothers passed away as a result of cancer in 1992, despite our earnest fasting and prayers. As a result, my family struggled with our faith and decided that God doesn’t care. Whenever our family friends came to pray over me in the hospital, my parents would leave the room.

On the night before my mother decided to fly me to one of the specialist hospitals in Kuching, our family friend came again to pray over me. On that particular day, she gave me a small teaspoon of her treasured holy water from Medjugorje. As soon as I had taken the holy water, I recovered instantly and I was able to walk and jump again. All the doctors and nurses were amazed and baffled by the miracle. My blood infection level gradually decreased over the next few weeks.

Most of my family members are still grappling with their faith but I believe that I am here today by God’s Grace.

Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)

My dear brothers & sisters in Christ,

My ordeal began with a sudden sharp pain on my left wrist as I was taking out my purse in September 2002. The slightest movement just made it worse and I couldn’t sleep at night despite taking pain killers.

The orthopaedic specialist at first diagnosed tendonitis and prescribed medicine and physiotherapy. He later said that it was a degenerative disease but the MRI finding showed a traumatic cause (even though I did not fall or injure myself). As the pain intensified, I had to undergo an arthroscopy before continuing with the same treatment.

The pain relief, however, was only temporary. Treatment only relieved my pain for a short period. In frustration, I went to the Church of Immaculate Conception in Pulat Tikus , Penang for a Shalom prayer meet and healing.
As a couple from the Shalom group prayed over me, Jesus APPEARED to me in a huge illuminating LIGHT on the left hand corner of the church. He came and touched my painful lump and it immediately disappeared. I slumped to the floor where I lay after being slain in the Spirit.

That night I slept peacefully and when I woke I no longer felt any pain on my wrist and I could move it in all directions effortlessly. I picked up an empty plastic bag first and then graduated on to a 5 kg sack of rice without any pain whatsoever!

With great joy, I testified my miraculous healing to my doctor, my family, friends and even to my patients. I thank and praise God. Indeed He is awesome!

Parish: Church of the Immaculate Conception (Penang)

I always pray for my daily needs and that of my family. My prayers are always answered and our needs are always provided for. Every morning before I leave my house, I pray one Our Father and one Hail Mary to the angels and saints in heaven for my safety and protection on the road. Jesus always answers my prayers – Amen

I would like to share an incident where I felt I was touched by Jesus during a road accident with another car on 27/3/2014. The front portion of my car was smashed. My chest was bashed against the steering wheel and I could not breathe. There was also a hole in my knee cap.

Then a call from a man standing outside the car woke me up and brought me to my senses. I could see the vision of a man (looking like Jesus) opening the car door and helping me out. He placed me leaning on a lamp post by the side of the road; then he walked away and disappeared from my vision.

This incident and experience has positively changed my faith journey with Jesus. He has saved my life and I know that He wants me to continue doing His work in this world.

Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)

I visited Mother Mary’s shrine in Ladang Sg. Batu on the 6th of May 2014. One of the petitions that I placed at the shrine was for my nephew and his wife to be blessed with a child and many more.

In my petition, I wrote to Mother Mary that I believed that nothing is impossible with God and that it was my fervent hope to receive good news regarding my petition.

Today, 9th April 2015, I received the wonderful news that my nephew’s wife is expecting their first baby. Thank you Mother Mary for your most powerful intercession to Jesus.

And thank you Jesus for your mercy and kindness to answer this petition of mine.

With heartfelt thanks

Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)

Both incidences happened 20 years ago

1) At my work place

Part of my duties was to confirm and verify the chemical that the production line is using. An operator uses an electrical pump to pump the acid from a 200 gallon drum to a big storage tank. One day, during the process of transporting the acid, the pump hose somehow wasn’t locked properly. Acid burst out from the dislodged pump and it sprayed directly on to my wrist and down the lower part of my body.

Somehow, I didn’t panic. I stopped the pump while three other people flushed water onto my body under my supervision. My pants were shredded to many pieces but with God’s and St Anne’s help, there were no burns! The nurse on duty was shocked and I witnessed to her my faith in God and St Anne.

2) Accident in Green Lane

I was a pillion rider on a friend’s motorbike. Suddenly a car shot out from the side road and hit our motorcycle. My friend, the rider, was flung to the left of the pavement. I, together with the motorcycle flew to the centre of the road. My head was just 2 cm away from the wheel of a bus! People were shouting, ‘mati, mati’ ! But I got up, lifted the motorcycle and my friend (who was in shock) and I pushed the motorcycle all the way to my house in Pulau Tikus . My pants were torn and my legs were bleeding but I cleaned my wounds and went to St Anne’s where my friends were waiting for me.

Both these incidents did not require any hospitalization.

Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)