I would like to share a testimony I witnessed early last year (2014) in Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. My wife and I were attending some FLM functions during that time. After the function, as my wife developed neck pain, she asked Fr Bernard to pray over her. During that period, I was standing beside her. When Fr Bernard started the prayer by touching my wife’s forehead, she suddenly keeled over backwards so peacefully and gently. It was as if someone was supporting her from behind and gently lowering her to the floor. After a while when Father Bernard had completed the prayer, she woke up. For me this is a miracle. Thank you, God. Jesus, we trust in You!

Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)

My name is Joyce and I am 32 years old. I was not a Christian until 3 years ago. Since secondary school I had a friend and teacher talk to me about Christ. I have even followed them to Church once in a while. I believed in the existence of God but my belief in Jesus wasn’t strong and I did not follow Him.

My turning point happened 4 years ago. My aunt and uncle both died of colon cancer. I saw them suffer a lot during that period. Then, my father was diagnosed with nose cancer and during the same time my mother also had health problems. I was so scared and worried about diseases especially cancer. I worried until I found it difficult to breath and couldn’t focus on work.

By coincidence, a breast specialist found an abnormal lump on my right breast from an ultrasound during the same year. The doctor suggested an operation and a tissue biopsy for malignancy. I was so stressed and worried but I couldn’t tell my parents about my problem as it would worry them too.

I told a friend who invited me and other friends to her house. They helped me to pray and ask God to heal me. Surprisingly I felt peaceful after the prayer. After few days, I went to visit another specialist for a second opinion. Praise the Lord, the specialist after doing an ultrasound, told me that there was no abnormality!

I went to see a 3rd specialist and again the result was the same – no abnormal tissue! Thank God for healing me of not only my physical ailment, but also my inner heart. He has given me a healthy body and a peaceful heart. Peace, is a feeling that I had been looking and longing for all the time but I never had it. I had never felt peaceful before I believed in Christ. I feel that every day is a gift and blessing from God. I appreciate this gift and the blessing. Although our life is full of suffering, challenges and problems, I hope everyone can take a moment to thank God and appreciate the gift/blessings that He gives us every day. Praise the Lord!

My dad was diagnosed with cancer and his condition was very bad. The doctor had given him only a few months to live and he suffered all through the treatment. We prayed for strength and patience for him to endure the pain and suffering while waiting for God to heal him. Bit by bit he became well again, although he was near death almost 3 times and was given the final rites sacrament.

With God’s mercy and glory, he has been cancer-free for almost 15 years now. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Mother Mary. Praise and Glory to God! Amen!

Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)

A blessed day to all!

Ever since I was a young and innocent boy, I have always prayed to God to grant me a chance to meet my future spouse. In life’s journey, no matter what problems or issues we have, we can always offer it, be it our experiences, ordeals or setbacks. After a decade, 5 months and 17 days, my prayers were answered.

She was perfectly made in His image indeed. The morning after, I woke up from bed crying like crazy. It was as if all my brokenness has been lifted, without blinking an eye. I felt as if I was flying through mid-air and a voice talking to me. It was a man’s voice saying, “This is to be in its time!”

And with that, I cried tears of joy, languishing in bed till lunch. I am beyond thankful. Thank you. Jada

Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)

My husband Maurice and I have been blessed with 2 beautiful children a girl, Michelle and a boy, Shaun. Both are bright and good in their studies even without 24-7 tuition. Praise and thank God for this. Both of us are only working in a factory in Bayan Lepas. In the year 2003, our daughter scored all A’s in her SPM. We were touched and speechless. Her ambition was to become a doctor and after researching carefully, she decided to study in Moscow. Her personal choice was to go to Australia but we couldn’t afford to send her there as we had to think of our Shaun who is 2 years younger.

Our Lord is great! Despite Michelle going all the way to a communist country at the age of 18, she was well taken care of throughout the whole 7 years from 2004-2010. I couldn’t recall the exact year, (I think it was in 2009) there was a bomb blast in a subway station. Our daughter had overslept and missed that particular train which was bombed. All our fears and worries were unfounded. As relatives called to ask after Michelle’s safety, we told them that she was well protected and that she did not board the train. Praise and thank God!

In 2009, our son went to Australia to study biomedical sciences. Just imagine how the Lord has helped us. The course fees for our daughter in Moscow came to almost RM31k per semester (7 years) and AUS9.3k (3 years) per semester. (There are 2 semesters in a year) We didn’t know how on earth we were going to pay.

As a mother, I have often cried out to the Lord for help. There was the pain of relatives who had promised to lend a hand but had later turned us away. It was Our Lord who somehow helped us to pay whenever our children’s fees were due.

Now we are proud parents – our daughter graduated as a doctor and our son is now a medical scientist.

Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)