I should have shared this testimony a few years back. I am not good with expressing myself, so I put it off until now. Moreover, the theme for this year’s (2015) Divine Mercy feast is Tried, Transformed, now Testify, so I have already shared my experience with my BEC.

6 years ago we sold our house in Paya Terubong and went house hunting. It must be Our Lord of Divine Mercy who led us to buy our current residence in Sungai Ara. The church was nearing completion at that time. After its opening during the first Divine Mercy Feast Day celebrations, I came to help in the cleaning and decorating.
From that time onwards, my life changed (transformed). I had been a Sunday catholic, sometimes missing Sunday mass and a great sinner. I had never participated in any church activities; never attended BEC gatherings and in fact I had not even registered with the church.

Since my entry into CDM, I joined the BEC and began helping out in a few ministries. I thank my BEC leader Alison Choo and others like Angeline Chin, Anne Chong and Nancy Chung who were one of my first friends here.

I am now like the girl in one of Father Martin’s homily, “I was a sinner running after sin and now I am a sinner running away from sin.” After Father Martin became the Parish Priest it became even more joyful to work for the church because Father really looks after of our welfare, making things more convenient for us. Thank you Father.

I also notice a change in my husband who is a non-Catholic. He is a diabetic and a heart patient. Now his health has improved and he has been quite accommodating to my being out of the house so often coming to church.

Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)

Before I retired from my job, I prayed that our Lord will guide and direct me on what I should do next. By the grace of God, I was called to serve in the Finance ministry and from there as PPC chairperson of the Church of Divine Mercy.

It has been an eye opening experience. Everyday Our Lord teaches me humility and how to get things done His way and for His greater glory. In my previous working environment, I was all powerful with authority vested in my by my appointment. In my new role in church, I have learnt that power is meaningless and unfulfilling if not shared for the greater glory of doing God’s will.

Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)

Due to my irregular heart beat, I was given a new medication in the year 2014. After taking that new medication, I started to develop blood in urine, a condition known as Haemeturia. The doctor prescribed another alternative medicine but the bleeding started again, for about 60 hours non-stop.

I continued praying to the Divine Mercy for healing. All this time, I have been praying for Christ’s mercy for the medication to be suitable for me.

In late December, I decided to attend mass and the bleeding suddenly stopped. I went back to the doctor and he prescribed the third and last alternative medication. I continued to pray for the medicine to be compatible for me as this was my last hope.

I have been taking the latest drug since Jan 2015 and I have not encountered any bleeding. I continue to pray that this medication will help me with my irregular heartbeat.

Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)

For many years, my husband, Francis and I have been giving home tuition and we were also involved in the catering business. 6 months ago, sometime in November 2014, both of the businesses collapsed.

Our source of income was gone and we were filled with a deep sorrow, pain and fear over our future. We approached Father Martin and asked him to pray over our predicament. Surrendering our problems to the Divine Mercy, we started to recite the 3 0’clock prayers. We also offered petitions and completed the novena in honour of the Divine Mercy before the feast day.

On Monday the 1st of June 2015, the Divine Mercy heard our prayers. We were able to resume our home tuition and the catering business is picking up.

What is impossible to humans is made possible only by the powers of the Divine Mercy.

Parish: Church Of Divine Mercy (Penang)

In 2012, I came to the Church of Divine Mercy and prayed for my daughter who had a personal problem. I do pray for my daughter all the time but it was different when I came and prayed at CDM.

Soon after praying here, my daughter’s problem was solved. It only took one day for this miracle to take place. I was fully surprised and thankful to God.

That same week, I returned to CDM to offer my thanks and I cried while I was having my moment here with God. Whenever I come here and pray it is always answered. I feel peace and happiness whenever I came to this parish.

Parish: Holy Name of Mary (Permatang Tinggi)