For the past two years I had a persistent blocked nose due to constant sneezing and also a runny nose. As a result, I had difficulty in breathing. I had to breathe through my mouth, especially during the night. Whenever I woke up in the middle of the night, my mouth would get very dry and painful. I had seen an ENT specialist twice and he prescribed a steroid spray with some medication, but I did not get any better.

On Feb 14, 2015, I decided to go for the healing mass for the sick at the Church of Divine Mercy, Penang.
I prayed and surrendered myself to the Lord to heal me of my sickness. That very night I found that I could breathe normally. I know that the Lord Jesus has answered my prayers and healed me.

I feel so happy and grateful to the Lord Jesus for hearing and responding to my prayers. Thank you, Jesus.

Our Church was celebrating its feast day, Divine Mercy Sunday on 27th April 2014. As I knelt down to pray before mass, my gaze was drawn to the tabernacle. My focus was on what looked like the letter P and I wondered what it meant. As I stared at it, I heard the Lord say to me, “I am truly present in the Eucharist. Every time you look at the P, I want you to remember that it is my real presence there”.


Parish: Church of Divine Mercy (Penang)

I am writing to share of how my petitions in honor of Jesus Divine Mercy were granted.

I remembered the 1st year of FEAST DAY celebration, I offered many petitions for those families who were sick and suffering with terminal illness – cancer, educations, financial difficulties and also those who need prayers.

My son’s friend, Edward was extremely down when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. I offered his mother to JESUS DIVINE MERCY and she was cured and now she is in her 3rd year of good health. Edward later managed to complete his degree and graduated in September 2013 with excellent result and made both his parents proud especially, his mother.

In year 2013, both of my colleague’s sisters were suffering from cancer. I offered them up in CDM. Lee Lay Har age 45 was cured from nose cancer and Lye Yoong Yoong age 51 was cured from breast cancer. Both are still healthy till today.

My brother Paul, after a drought of being jobless for more than 2 years was hired within 5 months after I offered him up to JESUS DIVINE MERCY during the Feast Day. Till today he is doing very well and is financially secure with a stable job.

My cousin brother Joseph Tan in Perth, Australia was suffering from chronic kidney failure and had to go for kidney dialysis twice a week and he was emotionally down from his sickness. According to doctor’s advice he needed to undergo a kidney transplant either from one of his immediate siblings or from a donor. I prayed and offered him to JESUS DIVINE MERCY and it was really a miracle that in just only a few months he was called by the hospital on 21st February 2013 in the wee hours to be admitted as there has been a donor with a kidney match for him. Queuing for an organ donation normally takes up at least a year or sometimes a few years but JESUS has HIS ways to do great things from impossible to possible. The kidney transplant surgery went on successfully and he managed to pull through the critical period of 5 months. Today he is happy and cheerful and feels he has been given a new beginning in life. And today he is still fit and healthy 2 years after his successful kidney transplant.

Another experience of the Miracle of Healing was for a 12 years old girl named Lexi who was staying in the USA.

On 20-June 2014 I received message from one of our close friends requesting for urgent prayers for their god-child who was dying from terminal illness (sorry unable to disclose) and that the doctors have already given up and told her parents to be prepared for the worst.

I immediately offered her up to Jesus Divine Mercy and prayed for her. The one thing I recall strongly was the conviction I had in Jesus Divine Mercy who healed as in Mark 5:41 when Jesus raised the girl from dead “Talitha kumi!” which means “Little girl, get up” The girl who was twelve years old in the scriptures got up at once and began to walk around.

After 20 days of suffering and struggling a tug-of-war for her life, miraculously, she survive and passed through the critical stage and has remained healthy till today.

I felt overjoyed and my passion and love in praying for others helped my faith to grow more intimate with Jesus Divine Mercy. My faith increased and drew me closer to HIM each day which helps me in my personal praying vocation which also allows me to experience HIS miracle at all times.

Every year, I offer Thanksgiving masses and attend the Novena for prayers answered and petitions granted.

Have faith and believe in HIM for you will experience HIS miracle at all times.

God bless

Thank you

I had severe pain on my (L) breast on the 7 April 2015 (Tuesday) for no apparent reason. The pain was unbearable & I feared for the worst. I remembered of the Novena in the morning & started to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet. After completing the chaplet, I went on with my work.

A few hours later, my husband camehome to take me to the clinic & only then I realized that there was no more pain! I was healed completely.

Praise the Lord and His mercy on Me! AMEN

Before my baptism in 1982, I was a lost soul, an emotional physical wreck, seeking answers to the mountainous problems creeping into my life.

God led me to him thru the little sisters of the poor and after baptism i was resolved to learn more about my faith, plunging myself to the many ministries in the church, for I believe anything under the umbrella of the church, must be beneficial to its members. From ME 4 to SSVP and later to commentating and reading the Word of God, I grew in my faith and God has always sent his Holy Spirit to ignite the fire in me.

Thinking back on the eve of my retirement, i went about reflecting on my journey of faith and put them in words; from my first book 'The crippled tree …. bears fruit' to my eighth book 'A moment in time'. From a seed crippled at its early state I have grown to share my journey with the many friends who have encouraged and supported my works.

God's love and mercy has transformed this dejected soul into an instrument of his grace. Alleluia!!